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The Paper

The Paper is standard tabloid print, 43gsm paper thickness (compared to the usual 37gsm) providing a much higher quality finish in comparison to most standard tabloids. Graphics are designed using 450dpi compared to the standard 150dpi giving 3x the image quality for any featured photographs and branding. With 80,000 printed copies delivered, our scope far exceeds that of the usual product.


The Paper carries distribution agreements with the following outlets:
Tesco, Saisburys, Morrisons, Co-Operative, Spar, Londis, Waitrose, Marks & Spencer, ALDI, LIDL, McColls, Premier Stores, B&Q, John Lewis and many other national chain stores to distribute either direct to tills or into a visual stand.

Copies are allocated on foot traffic statistics, eg:
- Total Combined Foot Traffic for every outlet.
- Tesco = 4%
- 4% of printed copies delivered weekly to Tesco

With the additional benefit of The Paper being a 'free pick up', we also distribute to independent retailers in each village as well as doctors, dentists, vets, cafe's, salons, etc. With our current distribution agreements The Paper will provide increased exposure through your demographic area with the added benefit of a higher readership.

Website & E-shot Marketing

Included within the pricing is use of the local website. The website provides a local approach to an online search, giving local results from local companies. Marketing and awareness of these local sites are achieved through the use of postcards, posters, banner advertisements and leaflet drops throughout each village within the distribution area.

The sites function as a social media website with easy options for retail, local amenities, news, offers, events, etc. simply click on the submit icon and upload!

E-Shot (email campaigns) are sent monthly to our substantial email database. Any offers or events you are running are included within this e-shot giving increase awareness and return.


Upon joining The Paper, artwork shall be designed for your company within the price by our graphics team who each boast qualifications in business marketing and graphics. Each artwork is individually designed to your requirements in 450dpi, giving you a higher resolution final print. Copyright remains yours so you may use the final artwork in any other promotion you are running.

As we hope you can see through the above information, what we offer is increased exposure, higher readership and a substantial cost saving on regular marketing.